Michelle Weaver-Final

March 24, 2010 |  by  |  Project Three, Student Work

So, my file has changed quite a lot since the last time you all saw it. The most obvious change is the fact that it actually WORKS now. I managed to get rid of the ridiculously large linked files that were causing WordPress to be unable to upload it and all of my tweens not work. I also simplified my design so that everything runs more smoothly. (ie-my lilypad navigation became a cloud, and I got rid of the frog, among other things).

For Project 3, I added a video into my portfolio section. It is a kinetic type video. I also linked the PDF of my resume to the image of my resume that appears in my portfolio (It can be downloaded by clicking the large resume image in my portfolio).

In this folder, I have attached 3 pngs that show my states, and my flash file. I had intended this to be a redo of projects 1 and 2, as well as the submission of project 3. I apologize for the fact that my illustrator files are not included. They were simply too big… I spent an hour waiting for my .zip file to upload, only to have it tell me it couldn’t be written to disk. If you need to see them, I can place them on the server or bring them on an external hard-drive.

Notes for posterity (ie-some problems I had in Flash):

1. If you have a tween with a stop at the end of it more than 4 layers deep in your flash file, it will not play. This can be fixed by breaking your movie clips apart so that the tweens are closer to the surface. Of course, by the time this class is taught again, CS5 will probably be out, and this bug will probably have been fixed.

2. If you are working with linked bitmap images in Illustrator, make sure you either rastorize them when they are brought into flash, or make sure that the files are small. Otherwise, you end up with a massively large file that will continually crash Flash and make it so that your Tweens won’t load properly.