Danielle Carrick:: Project 3

March 24, 2010 |  by  |  Project Three, Student Work

The latest version has a few improvements and additions. I added a simple audio player to play a song I’ve been really into lately, which would theoretically change weekly.

The giggling egg is no longer an animation without a cause. It is now a link to my facebook page.

I removed a stray leaf that would appear when it wasn’t supposed to. The bird now flies back to the branch from the rope when one navigates from the portfolio state to the home state. Also, my bio is now handwritten and the navigation in the About state have larger hit areas.

Admittedly, the “online” won’t work because somewhere in the two lines of code something isn’t happy and certain things are still throwing errors. Grrr…

To top it off, after I uploaded the swf and before I zipped all of my files, I tried to tweak something and now a whole bunch of links in my fla aren’t responding and no amount of control + Z is ameliorating the situation. I pinky swear I keep at it and re-post when all is well.

ZIP::  Carrick Project 3