Aaron Katchen: Third Project – Video

March 24, 2010 |  by  |  Project Three, Student Work

This project added a video player to the Justice site I’ve been working on. The main information of how to use the video component, etc, was obtained from the class blog, but everything else that I used (scrubber, volume controls, fading toolbar) was a lot of trial and error, since I was unable to find too many tutorials relating to this.
I added the video in, which I grabbed from YouTube. I placed a “painted” background behind the video to give it some context. I added the fading toolbar to make it seem more “professional”. The volume slider was more or less an exact copy of the volume slider I used for the music player. The scrubber on the other hand was a new world. While some of the concepts were the same as the slider, it added a whole new world of troubles. I managed to overcome them, although I’m still not sure exactly how. When something works, don’t touch it. There are some minor glitches related to the scrubber, but they’re nothing serious, and I can’t figure out how to get around them right now. (IE, when any toolbar icons are clicked the video glitches a little).
I cleaned up some things from the previous version too. I inverted the colors on the tour map to add more contrast and the song info scroller in the music player no longer scrolls while paused.
The only new animation is the video player. The scrubber is a type of animation I suppose. It moves as the movie plays.
The audience for this project would be younger people interested in the group. This is not really a site to learn about who the members are, but more about what they do and I think the overall vibe gives that off.

Aaron Katchen – Justice Project 3

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  1. nice work Aaron. Where did you get the info to build the video player?