David’s First Flash Project

March 8, 2010 |  by  |  Project Two, Student Work  | 

This is intended to be a Web site for the always eccentric musician and actor, Mr. Tom Waits. Waits is untamed and a little gruff.. sort of mumbly, has a bit of a bayou swampy flare and charm to his personality, and that’s why people love him and his music. To capture these aspects of Tom, I kept my color palette to a warm, earthy mixture of greens and reds and tans. Backgrounds and skies are made of animal skins, and many elements are meant to reflect a sort of travel/antique map sort of look (hence the map border, and the early 20th century propeller plane that makes an appearance every so often) think safari meets Louisiana bayou. Everything is supposed to look like a real place, but in a dream-like, bizarre way.

Introduction (might only be visible when the page first loads, it goes away quick!)

  • This is meant to be a “loading screen” but it doesn’t actually work, its fake.
  • The compass needle spins around 360 degrees, then the compass slides down the page and gets smaller, coming to a stop at the map border, where it remains as the top of the navigation menu
  • The page fades into the “home” page

Home page

  • If you hover over Tom, he glows!
  • Once you’ve hovered over Tom, quotes fly in from  offstage left and right . Tom is famous for his word play and crazy song lyrics.
  • Click on Tom and he will begin to sing “Pasties and a G-string”, one of his raunchier songs.
  • Click on the wheat below him to make him stop singing.
  • If you hover over the compass, the navigation menu pops up and you can go to the different sections


  • By default because of where the cursor is, the page might look a little frozen, but don’t worry- it does stuff!
  • Move your cursor away from the gramaphone (old record player) and the song info box will dissapear
  • Move your cursor on to the gramaphone and it will bob up and down in the water, creating ripples, and the song info will pop back up
  • Click on the bottom song in the song info box to hear “Little Drop of Poison”
  • Click on the middle song to make “Little Drop of Poison” stop playing


  • If you navigate to the tour section, the propeller plane swings by for a bit, and clouds begin to role in, setting sort of a foggy up in the air sort of mood- it’s Tom’s tour, he’s traveling.
  • If you mouse over the names of the cities going along the mountain ridge, the names change to dates and the bars underneath do a little bounce action
  • As per the (really good) suggestion from someone in the class (Sam, maybe?) additional tour information is displayed for each city on the tour in front of the mountains. Now you can figure out how to buy the tickets

My audience for this site is definitely current Waits fans. I hope that this site would illustrate Tom’s character to a non-fan, but I think, overall, it makes a little more sense to someone who has heard his sound and gets his schtick. They probably are also pretty weird themselves, fairly tech savvy, and don’t need to spend much time searching for the info that they want about Waits. They know what they want to know and where to go to get it. The site is really more of a fun, alternate depiction of the guy, not necessarily supposed to be info-heavy and super biographical.

Lynda, isn’t she wonderful?

Dynamic sound fade – not yet implemented, but maybe in version 3?

Using sound in AS3

Republic of code


Hours of iTunes like no other


Miller’s project II, all zipped up.