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Hello GRA 500,
I’m doing Project 1 on myself and the images above are what I have come up with thus far. The first image with the branch is intended to be my home screen. I anticipate animate the leaves to blow int he wind, and the bird to fly/walk/chirp. As far as navigation goes, I want the various elements like the leaves, the nest or the bird to serve as links to pages for my portfolio and about me.

The second image is what I might do for the portfolio page. I think the thought bubble serves as a good place to place content. However, I feel like this deisgn is lacking something.

I’m looking for suggestions on possible transitions or elements to enhance the page. The portfolio page needs something else as well but I can’t think what. Any comments, good and bad, are greatly appreciated!!



  1. Make the bird fly off screen and then the screen follows it to where it lands and then the next page starts? And maybe the leaves could shake more when the cursor is laid over them? The eggs should hatch too! I think it’s a very cute, simple design. My only graphical comment is about the style of the speech box, it doesn’t match the tone of the sketchy bird/branches so it seems a little out of place. I would suggest making it look a little more like it was also hand drawn. Other than that, it’s cute! 🙂

    • I like Monica’s idea on animation with the bird. Also the box could use a bit more flavor to fit it in. Saying that, take another look at jonathanyuen.com and how he used really straight type along side his watercolor style. Also, any zoomed views should not include your logo (nice one by the way) if you wish to reinforce the zoom illusion. Keep rocking!

  2. I like the color palette and the lightness– it reminds me of Japanese hangings http://th07.deviantart.net/fs7/300W/i/2005/191/5/8/Japanese_Painting_by_trinifellah.jpg (this is the best example I could find of what I was picturing) … I think if you were looking for some additional inspiration to help add more elements, definitely google japanese wall hangings, the style is really similar to what you are doing.

    I think the site ken mentioned is a good match– the way jonathanyuen.com uses type is actually really similar in treatment to japanese art pieces. Maybe incorporating that vibrant red ink tone as a contrast to the earthy tones and black sketches might bring a nice pop to the page…who knows.

    I definitely picture subtle, almost tranquil animation if that’s what you’re going for.

    I like that the background has a really subtle tint and texture, but I think you could find one that is less fabric-y/uniform and more earthy…maybe something almost tissue papery, or like a mixture of parchment and birch bark?

    Much love Danielle, much love.

  3. Hmm… I love your color palette and basic concept. I agree with Monica; I would definitely change the speech bubble on the second page. Everything else you have here looks hand-drawn, while the speech bubble looks like it was created by a computer (the stroke is too uniform). Maybe going back in and doing the bubble by hand would help.

    Also, as far as animations go, you could always play around with the idea of having the lines come in as though they are being drawn while the viewer is watching. Just a suggestion. 🙂