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My magazine is targeted towards anyone living in or out of the Caribbean that want to stay updated with Caribbean news. My magazine is called VIBES because in the Caribbean “vibes” is a word used to describe a feeling or the atmosphere. It highlights the “good vibes” (accomplishments and successes) of Caribbean-born people.

The typeface most dominantly used in my magazine is “Avenir.” This typeface, in particular, is my favorite because it is well-suited for any type of article. It is simple and I prefer that. I used Avenir for all of the text, except for the opening pages of the article. My pull out quote includes a Serif typeface called “Bodoni SvtyTwo OS ITC TT.” I chose to use it because it differs from all of the other san serif typefaces, giving it that extra emphasis. The “Copper Std” quotation marks were used for extra emphasis as well because they are big and bold.

All of my photographs were chosen from a local Trinidadian photographer, Laura Ferreira. Her work has always intrigued me and right before I began working on this project she uploaded photographs that she had taken of Anya Ayoung Chee, the subject of my article. I looked through multiple photoshoots that Laura had done with Anya and I was absolutely blown away. I had to use her work because even though Anya remained the main subject, all of the photographs were so different.

I decided to base my story on her because of her successes in America through Project Runway. She now has clothing products that are sold in Saks and Pepperlime. This is huge for the Caribbean and being able to show our unique culture through different mediums is interesting. After Anya won the first place on Project Runway, Caribbean Beat (our airline’s magazine), published an article about her, which is the article I used.