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Get Your Type On Son

All About Dashes

Knowing the proper use of dashes may not land you a job but as a communication professional all those little details add up to big impressions. Know your dashes!



En and Em Dashes Are Longer Than a Hyphen
The size of the en and em dashes is about the same width of the letters N and M, using the same typeface and point size.

En Dashes (–)  Used for Duration or Range
As in 10:00–6:00 or 666–777 or July 17–24.

Em Dashes (—) Used Instead of Double Hyphens (–)
Like a parenthetical phrase (look at me yo) the em dash sets apart clauses in a single sentence.

Hyphens (-) to Hyphenate — Duh
Hyphens are used to separate words and characters in phone numbers like so (315-443-6131).