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InDesign Tutorials

So there’s a lot to learn about all these applications and few people know everything about any single app. We’ve compiled a solid set of video tutorials from Abobe to address the basics. We encourage you to to explore answers to your problems on your own. As you find useful tutorials please post those on this blog.

What is InDesign CS6?

Learn about Adobe InDesign, the industry-standard publishing application for print publications, interactive PDF documents, digital magazines, and EPUBs.


What’s New in InDesign CS6?

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Understanding the Application Window

Learn the components and features of the application window, including the application bar and control panel, to navigate the parts of a file and to set up a page correctly from scratch or find important information about a file.

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The Toolbox

The InDesign toolbar contains a lot of tools, many of which are hidden or “nested” underneath the tools you see initially. In this video you will see the primary tools used to select, rotate and size objects. You’ll also learn how to use the Type tool to edit text and create frames with or without borders, switch tools using your keyboard, and navigate with the Hand and Zoom tools

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Working with Frames

Everything that is placed into InDesign ends up in a frame. You can create frames from scratch, or if you “place” (import) text or images into a document, InDesign automatically creates the frame for you. We’ll explore the use of frames in InDesign in this video.




Its so annoying when you see an InDesign document that has been put together with tabs and spaces all over the place. Common everyone lets get the tabs right and then put them into paragraph styles as well. Its not that hard when you see how to use the tab ruler. We do Right indent tabs, leaders and indent to here as well.

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Content Collector Tool

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Importing Graphics

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Overview of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Workflow


Adobe DPS Master Help Document

Be sure to reference the master Adobe InDesign DPS Help PDF. This is constantly updated and a great resource for the latest information.

Overview of the DPS Workflow Improvements

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Hyperlink overlays

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Scrollable Frames, Pan & Zoom

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Using the Horizontal Swipe Layout

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Sharing Folios

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InDesign Tutorial Handouts  |  PDF