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Project Summary:
I, Teresa Sabga, am a sophomore at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications in Syracuse University. Even though my major is magazine journalism, I have always been interested in photography. I have been taking photographs since the beginning of high school and have worked for many companies of who published my work. This website displays my photography skills.

Target Audience:
This website is primarily for employers of magazine companies and other media houses to see my work easily. This website would target families with special events and functions, make-up artists interested in developing a portfolio and also magazines including Afar and Conde Nast Traveller. The design is dominantly black and white, only having rich colors consistent in the photographs. It is very professional. An employer would typically browse through my portfolio and then end on a contact page.

Perception | Tone | Guidelines:
It is professional and straightforward. It is also visually appealing, being clean and simple. The photographs are very well organized and if you click on an image, the photograph will be blown up into a lightbox display. The viewers are able to look at my work easily and navigate their way through my portfolio by scrolling because of the one-page design.

Communication Strategy:
The website will provide instant and straightforward access to my portfolio displaying a range of different photo projects. It encourages employers to hire me from viewing my unique and breath-taking photography. I will know how effectively my website draws in my wanted audience by hearing feedback from the contact information at the end of my website.

Competitive Positioning:
With the increase of technology, Facebook and Instagram have opened doors for many thinking that they are “photographers.” The field is obviously very competitive and it is difficult to differentiate those who know what they are doing from those who do not. My website should be able to clearly display my talent and knowledge of photography.

Single-Minded Message:
It encourages employers to hire Teresa Sabga because she is talented. 


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