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Ambrosia Magazine

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Final Project: Royalty Magazine

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Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - CoverFINALRoman Maria Veronica - Tablet - ArticleRoman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article2Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article3Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article4Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - CoverFINAL2Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article5Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article6Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article7Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article8

Cover PDF V/H

Article PDF V/H


Tutorials/Inspirational Links:

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Cooking App that Uses Video

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Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 12.34.43 AM

This cooking app, Panna, is basically a tricked out magazine that uses videos and many other techniques to engage users. I think the main idea behind it though, which is that it allows subscribers to access dozens videos sorted into specific categories is very smart and engaging. Categories include Cooking for Company and Weeknight Supper. It also features many well-known chefs such as Anita Lo, and Johnathan Waxman with bios about them. I think this is a great example of making apps more personal and relateable with interactive features.





Inspiration for Cover Designs from ASME Winners

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Stuck on designing your cover? Check out this site with the finalists of the 2009-2010 American Society of Magazine Editors contest for the best magazine cover. They include 12 categories from “Fashion and Beauty” to “Most Delicious.” I think that although all of these covers are very different, they also are similar in that they have one dominate image as the focus that draws your eyes, often even blocking the magazine name, and very simple fonts with large letters. Screen shot 2013-04-14 at 11.07.46 PM


Article about Considering the Differences of Apple and Android

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There are many obvious differences between Apple’s iPad iOS user interface and Android’s 3.x “Honeycomb” system designed specifically for tablets, but what are some specific differences to consider if you are planning on designing an app for one of these companies?

This article focuses manly on the design strategies and layout paterns of Android tablets, however it compares them to Apple’s iOS system because Apple did have the first tablet on the market so it is natural to compare to what was around first.

This article offers in in-depth look at the differences between the designs of the two operating systems in terms of their screen size and orientation, system bar, and action bar among other categories. Although some of this is probably too specific for our purposes, I think it can be useful to think in terms of keeping things unified in our tablet devices and considering the features of devices we are designing the magazine for such as the iPad’s, 768×1024 physical pixel layout.

This article also mentions some useful information about apps such as YouTube, CNN, and FlightTrack designed for the Honeycomb UI of Androids.


I think what I found most interesting is how the iPad 4.3 has fiftey-seven available fonts whereas Android uses just three with specific names such as, “Droid Sans.” Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 7.33.10 PM

Rosenstock David Tablet Design

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When designing this tablet / magazine I knew right from the start that I wanted to create a sports magazine. I was choosing between the NHL lockout and the U.S. Women’s soccer team winning gold in the Olympics. I decided to go with the soccer team because I loved the images I found and I felt like it would be an awesome story to design. I came up with “KICK” mag, a magazine for the soccer enthusiasts out there. The name is simple, sort of like “Spin” or “Wired” magazines. However, even though it is for people who love soccer, I believe with cool designs and interactivity this magazine could attract those who aren’t as into it and increase soccer’s popularity in the U.S., especially since we have the best women’s soccer team out there. Wired magazine is made for techies but because of their awesome designs they increase their readership, which is what I hope to do.

For my alternative story I chose to use a scrollable frame in which the viewer can scroll through high quality pictures I found online. All of the pictures I chose express the achievement and effort put in by the U.S. Women’s soccer team throughout their Olympic journey towards winning the gold medal. I used gold as a symbol of the gold medal and also as interactivity on the cover page. You will see the color throughout.

Typefaces: Helvetica Neue, Adobe Garamond Pro. The Helvetica typeface is one of my favorites because it is versatile and leaves a consistent feel throughout my work. It can be large and bold for intense copy text or can be used under it to give the viewer any information. The Adobe Garamond Pro text is also a versatile body text that I used for readability.

Margins: Top 44 px, Left 0 px, Bottom 44px, Right 6px.

Inspiration: Wired mag


My Tablet Project; EndlessWinter

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Design Strategy

This magazine is for ski and winter sports enthusiasts. The age group for this type of magazine is very large because skiing is associated with younger people, but today many younger people prefer snowboarding to skiing. I wanted the hallmark of the magazine to be the pictures. I really wanted to show the size and scope of most mountains. Skiing is an epic activity and I wanted my magazine to mirror the epic feeling. The title Endlesswinter shows how I wanted everything to be wide-open and large. ­­ Originally I intended the magazine to use smooth scrolling, but because of technical difficulties this was not possible and had to change the design. I really wanted the magazine to have a flow to its content, but without the smooth scrolling this was not possible.



For my magazine I used 7 different typefaces. Many of these fonts were variations Myraid Pro and Helvetica. I used these because they were very easy to read and they are used frequently on ski gear or on signs on ski slopes, which my intended audience is familiar with. I wanted to use san serif fonts, but I wanted something very easy to read. The body text of my articles is Caviar Dreams and I used this font because it resembled the font used in the Vanity Fair James Bond article (which I greatly admired). For my word mark I used Bangla Sangam. This font is very thin and light, which reminds me of snow or powder; both of which I was attempting to replicate in my word mark.



Most of my photos came from Warren Miller films. Warren Miller is a filmmaker who makes ski and surf videos. He is known for his use of epic and grand settings; all of which I attempted to replicate in my magazine. The person who my article is about (Jonny Moseley) is also the narrator of Warren Miller films and he has also appeared in many of these films. All of the photos I used except of the close up on Moseley were images of him skiing huge mountains with breath taking landscapes in the background. Again emphasizing the epic and grand feelings I wanted my magazine to exemplify.


Alternative Story

For my Alternative Story I used a video and a slideshow. I used the video because skiing is an activity that has very unique motion that is hard to replicate with still images. I felt just using still images could not provide the full experience of what it means to ski. When you ski each person has their own unique technique and lines and the only way to show this was with a video. I used a slideshow because I wanted the photos to receive the attention of a full screen. I did not want to cover them up with text so I decided to use a slideshow, which would allow me to highlight each photo with the full display of the I-pad.


Most of my inspiration came from Warren Miller Films for reasons explained before. As far as tutorials, I used all the handouts provided in class and countless adobe tv videos. I even emailed Terry White the man in the Adobe Tv videos because some of them would not work correctly.

Title Magazine

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  1. I wanted my magazine to have a very clean feeling to it. I think the audience would skew more towards men but be primarily aimed at intriguing an audience that was interested in entertainment. I chose Title Magazine because it seemed really simple. I was targeting the same crowd that reads magazines such as Nylon and Paper, Title just seemed to lend itself the to a similarly in a visual sense.
  2. I chose to use Helvetica for all of the writing in the magazine. I think it is clean and widely accepted by most people.
  3. I love all of the photos of Zach Galifiankis, I have actually used one or two of them as my computer background in the past. I used Terry Richardson’s photography because I think he is a notable photographer and I’ve always been really drawn to his work. I think the images that I chose are visually interesting and convey Zach Galifiankis’s funny personality and humor.

Tablet computer debuts in Woodford election

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As a political science major I found this article rather interesting. At SU I know two

students in the I school created touch screen voting boothes for an election and

new media class. It shows how the different uses of tablet technology are evolving.

Innovative Tablet Campaigns

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