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Ambrosia Magazine

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Final Project: Royalty Magazine

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Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - CoverFINALRoman Maria Veronica - Tablet - ArticleRoman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article2Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article3Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article4Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - CoverFINAL2Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article5Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article6Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article7Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article8

Cover PDF V/H

Article PDF V/H


Tutorials/Inspirational Links:

  • http://tv.adobe.com/watch/creative-suite-podcast-designers/how-to-create-scrolling-content-in-your-digital-publication-using-indesign-cs55/
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=g_U-YCz-Yug
  • http://design.zinio.com/?p=3690
  • Student Examples
  • http://www.ormadesign.com/Images/flair_1955spread.jpg
  • http://leeannelias.wordpress.com/tag/magazine-design/


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Folio_Cover_Vandalen_v-2Folio_Article_Vandalen_v-16Folio_Article_Vandalen_v-162  Folio_Article_Vandalen_v-163Folio_Article_Vandalen_v-164 Folio_Article_Vandalen_v-165 Folio_Article_Vandalen_v-166





Sestak Nicole – poster redo

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sestak nicole - poster - final redo

sestak nicole - poster - final redo2


Sestak Nicole – poster – final redo PDF (V:H)

Sestak Nicole – poster – PDF rationale redo 

Shannon Hazlitt Poster Re-do

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Here is my poster re-do. Thanks so much Mr. Harper and Liz for all of your help and everyone else for their input. I hope the message is more clear not that I really emphasized the performer and name of the event like some of the posters form this website: http://dzineblog.com/2011/01/39-fresh-poster-designs-for-your-inspiration.html.




Elaina Powless UI

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Two Row PDF
Project Summary:

The Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign is a non-profit campaign run by the Onondaga Nation and the Neighbors Of Onondaga Nation (NOON). This campaign aims to strengthen the alliance between New York State and the Haudenosaunee that was created by the Two Row wampum belt. In the process, the campaign hopes to take steps towards building relationships and continuing environmental preservation.

This website needs to be updated and simplified for the viewer. The main goal of the website is to get people involved through the lead up and wrap-up event, and by donating to the cause. Underlying goals are educating people about the Two Row wampum and the Haudenosaunee people. Upcoming events and involvement should be the main focus of the website.

Target Audience:

The campaign’s target audience is split into two categories. The first is local liberals, with an interest in human rights and history. These people are more likely to donate their time to the cause and promote events because they feel passionate or interested in maintaining old bonds.

The second target audience is older wealthy Caucasian women. They are the most likely segment to donate money among charities. They would visit the website in order to get more information and to donate money. Two Row Renewal campaign will target this audience in terms of raising money through donations.


Very clear, directive
Somewhat modern with definite homage to past
Native, environmental, organic, sacred
Honest, transparent (no tricks)

Communication Strategy:

The website will provide a greater visual for its home page, which will establish a strong base. This will give the feel of the campaign while also functioning as informational (background). Profiles will be made to establish an emotional connection while also educating on the effects of the Two Row wampum.

Another page will be created telling the historical events leading up to the campaign and giving background on their importance. This serves to validate the campaign and give clear context for the significance.

There also needs to be a Donation page, and an Events page very prominent in order to distinguish the call to action for the visitor to the site.

Overall Message:

Two Row Wampum is a worthy and important cause to invest in.


Michelle van Dalen User Interface

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Here is the JPG of my final user interface project.

Van Dalen_Michelle_ui_final

Michelle van Dalen Creative Brief

Fonts used: Helvetica Rounded LT Std. (only one)

List of links used for inspiration: www.amoslee.com, www.jackjohnsonmusic.com

Rowland Kelley User Interface Final

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Rowalnd Kelley Final User InterfaceCreative Brief

Fonts used: Mistral and Avenir

Inspiration: manrepeller.com and sorayabahktiar.com

User Interface Project: World Wildlife Fund

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Roman Maria Veronica - User Interface - FINAL - 1Home

Roman Maria Veronica - User Interface - FINAL - 2Species

Roman Maria Veronica - User Interface - FINAL - 3Places

Roman Maria Veronica - User Interface - FINAL - 4Threats

Roman Maria Veronica - User Interface - FINAL - 5Help

Roman Maria Veronica - User Interface - FINAL - 6Member

Inspirational Links:

  • http://worldwildlife.org   (for organization of information)
  • http://www.waterforlife.org/projects   (for color palette)
  • http://www.fizzysoftware.com   (for use of white space)
  • https://www.charitywater.org/donate/#step-1   (for easy simple and easy donate process)
  • http://www.makebetterapps.com   (for sticky header)
  • http://webdesignerwall.com   (for sticky side navigation)


Typefaces/Fonts Used:

  • Vectora LT Std (Roman & Bold)
  • Helvetica Neue LT Std (Light & Light Italic)

Elaina Powless Resume Redo

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PDF Version

Redo Rational