Project Turn-in Requirements


The server turn-in will constitute the bulk of your grade but the blog turn-in will be a great resource for your classmates and future students. You will not be able to open the individual project folders, you can only drop your project onto the folder. You will receive an error if there’s ma problem. Questions, ask!


How to Connect to the Newhouse Server [you must be on a Newhouse computer]

(Your class user name and password will be emailed to you later)

  1. Go to the “desktop”
  2. Go to the “control bar” select ‘Go’ and then select ‘Connect to Server’
  3. In the text field labeled “Server Address:” type in: galaxynh
  4. Click on ‘Connect’ in the lower right hand corner of the window
  5. A new window will prompt you for a user name and password
  6. Navigate to the desired folder.
    1. For Final turn-in Drop Folder > Whatever Project.
    2. For Drafts  Work Folder > Whatever Project


Grades are important, however it’s more important that you understand the concepts and principles presented in class. You will be allowed to redo any project that has received a B or below. Projects submitted as redos will need to be returned to me with the following:

You must package all projects, including redos. If you’re turning in an Illustrator or Photoshop file be sure to “package” as best you can by making sure all fonts and images used in the documents are included in your project folder.  The point is to make sure I have all assets required to view your project in full.