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Berkon Michaela- Tablet-v22

Berkon Michaela- Tablet-v228 Berkon Michaela- Tablet-v227 Berkon Michaela- Tablet-v226 Berkon Michaela- Tablet-v225 Berkon Michaela- Tablet-v224 Berkon Michaela- Tablet-v223 Berkon Michaela- Tablet-v222 Berkon Michaela- Tablet-v22


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GRA creative brief


Berkon Michaela-UI-Donate Berkon Michaela-UI-Volunteer Berkon Michaela-UI-About Berkon Michaela-UI-Where Berkon Michaela-UI-Stories Berkon Michaela-UI-REDO3

Final Project: Royalty Magazine

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Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - CoverFINALRoman Maria Veronica - Tablet - ArticleRoman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article2Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article3Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article4Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - CoverFINAL2Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article5Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article6Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article7Roman Maria Veronica - Tablet - Article8

Cover PDF V/H

Article PDF V/H


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Tablet Design

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Sweetwood - Amanda - Tablet Sweetwood - Amanda - Tablet2 Sweetwood - Amanda - Tablet3 Sweetwood - Amanda - Tablet4 Sweetwood - Amanda - Tablet5 Sweetwood - Amanda - Tablet6


The design concept used for my magazine’s wordmark was professionalism, sophistication and high class. The magazine, “New York Elite” is a luxury style publication for New Yorkers who enjoy a feature story from an entertainment star, but incorporate elegance, fun, and high style to represent the company and its publications. Its target audience is sophisticated, career-oriented city people who have an understanding and appreciation of New York City arts, fashion and culture.

The wordmark is for a relatively young and new company. Yet, I wanted it to have some timelessness and old-fashions to it, as in an Old New York and New New York, though just as classy and elegant. In short, I wanted to be able to create a design that could be used for several years, and one that would lie, stand out, and read well on in both versions of the tablet’s layout. The wordmark looks great in white against the royal blue colored background.

The fonts pictures all worked really well together and hopefully viewers will enjoy getting their 411!

Final Tablet Project

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SarahSchuster_page3 SarahSchuster_page1 SarahSchuster_page2 SarahSchuster_MagazineCover Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 12.47.08 AMScreen shot 2013-05-08 at 12.47.20 AMScreen shot 2013-05-08 at 12.47.31 AMScreen shot 2013-05-08 at 12.47.45 AM

My magazine is called Funny Women, and as the title implies it focuses on women in comedy. This month’s issue features Kristen Wiig, who has done great things after leaving Saturday Night Live, and has many things in store for her like a cameo in Arrested Development and a movie with Will Ferrell.
I wanted my article layout to embrace her goofy side, but acknowledge that she is growing into more than a sketch comedian. My cover is simple, feminine, and shows a silly Kristen with pink bubblegum. But for the inside I used photos from her Marie Claire shoot, so we get an adult, sexier version of Kristen. The article is about her breaking free from SNL and the pictures reflect that. But, to not forget where she started, I added an interactive slideshow that takes you through some of Kristen’s best SNL characters and their memorable quotes. This pays tribute to where she’s from without taking away from her future.
For the most part the design is very simple. The colors grey and pink come both from the magazine cover and the Marie Claire shoot. While the primary colors of the shoot were blue and grey, I choose grey and pink because drew it together with the cover and also the color of her lips.

Kacie Flynn’s Tablet design

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Kacie Flynn_Table Cover_Page_1 Kacie Flynn_Table Cover_Page_2 Kacie Flynn_Tablet_Page_1 Kacie Flynn_Tablet_Page_2 Kacie Flynn_Tablet_Page_3 Kacie Flynn_Tablet_Page_4 Kacie Flynn_Tablet_Page_5 Kacie Flynn_Tablet_Page_6 Kacie Flynn_Tablet_Page_7 Kacie Flynn_Tablet_Page_8KacieFlynn_Table_Rationale

All Hail King Kendrick Lamar

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CoverPage2 Articles5 Articles6 Articles7 Articles8

ArticlesArticles2 Articles3 Articles4

CoverPage KingKendrickLamar

Valladares_Keyla_Rationale InspirationandTutorials


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MetallicaCover_Article1 MetallicaCover_Article12

MetallicaMain_Article1 MetallicaMain_Article12MetallicaMain_Article16 MetallicaMain_Article13  MetallicaMain_Article15  MetallicaMain_Article17 MetallicaMain_Article18MetallicaMain_Article14


Amanda Al-Sayah Rationale

link to article Link to interview article

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Emma McAnaw’s Tablet

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Simpsons Tablet Design H JPEG2 Simpsons Tablet Design H JPEG3 Simpsons Tablet Design H JPEG4 Simpsons Tablet Design V JPEG Simpsons Tablet Design V JPEG2 Simpsons Tablet Design V JPEG3 Simpsons Tablet Design V JPEG4Simpsons Tablet Design H Simpsons Tablet Design V

Amped Magazine

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Happy Summer everyone! Good luck with your projects, here’s mine!



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