Can You Spot the Logo?

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I found this really interesting – each letter is part of a different famous logo.  I tried to figure it out for myself, but could only identify a few letters!  Try to see how many you can figure out before cheating:

C Cadbury’s
A CocA colA
N DisNey

Y ebaY
O sOny
U blockbUster

S Subway
P Pepsi
O Oracle
T Tesco

T Tic Tac
H yaHoo
E Esso

L Louis Vuitton
O canOn
G GE (General Electric)
O legO

Not Your Average Bridge

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I really like this logo because it takes the name of the restaurant literally, but then uses cutlery to make the image. I though it was very clever, and gets the point across. It also grabs the eye, when you first look at it you see a bridge, but when you take a closer look you see the knives, forks and spoons. Also, there is a lot of objects in the image, but somehow all together it looks very simple and understated. I think this is a good representation of using different images an objects to create one cohesive image.

54 creative logos

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This website shows 54 creative logos. They’re all very imaginative and unique, combining the picture into the name. It makes me think of how I can combine my name in with what picture I will use.

Logos to Reference

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Here are some great logos to reference for inspiration.

Olympic Logo

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It’s kind of an obvious choice, because EVERYONE knows the Olympic logo, but I think that’s one of the reasons it’s so successful.  Seeing the five interlocking rings conjures up the emotions associated with the Olympics: national pride, excitement at seeing all the different sports that you didn’t even know existed…it’s awesome!  It’s also symbolic because the guy who made it way back in 1912, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, felt that the five rings represented “the five parts of the world which now are won over to Olympism and willing to accept healthy competition.”  He picked intertwining rings as a symbol of unity and community spirit.


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I noticed that there are so many different ways companies and organizations represent Twitter on their websites. It got me to thinking that I can do the same for representing myself by playing around with my logo and testing out different designs that can all convey the same meaning. Ultimately, I will only choose one logo, but thinking this way really helps develop an idea to be the best it can be. Here are a few Twitter symbols I Iove!

How to become logo inspired

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I was having a hard time trying to come up with a logo and I found this site, which was really helpful! It gives you a step by step thought process for designing a badass logo. Enjoy.

DoubleTree Changes Logo

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DoubleTree updated their logo and their name to something more sophisticated. The hotel also added its parent company (Hilton) to the official name. While volunteering today I spoke with the marketing director for the DoubleTree of Syracuse about the new logo. He said that it will take some getting used to for the employees and the public. After the backlash over Gap’s short lived logo change, the hotel was concerned it would experience something similar.

Rules to follow when making a logo

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Here are some good rules to follow and sketches that illustrate the author’s points.

Logo evolution

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Being from Buffalo, it’s only natural that I look to my hometown for inspiration (again…). Here’s the progression of the Buffalo Sabres’ (hockey) logo since 1970. It’s interesting how the logo has now reverted back to its original form.