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HIV AIDS Bonfire Poster

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Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 12.39.36 AMScreen Shot 2013-03-01 at 12.39.46 AM


My poster is made to attract people to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS and learn about the disease at a bonfire on the quad. Inside of the flames, there is an illustration of a skull in the shape of Africa because of AIDS spreading in that region of the world. I chose a pastel colored background that is transparent and similar to the flame in the bonfire so that it does not stand out too much. The “Help Raise Awareness” is the largest text on the page because it says what the purpose of the whole event is. I used a Sans Serif typeface to keep it simple without sharp edges on the each letter. It also has a faint drop shadow of a color that is a little darker than the background for an extra pop. The title is underlined by an illustration of an AIDS ribbon, which dominates the poster in color and the drop shadow behind it. There is “HIV AIDS” in the ribbon, so the audience knows exactly what the event is for. The ribbon’s end leads the audience’s eyes to the fire, which then leads to the information about the event in the vertical layout. In the horizontal layout, the end of the HIV/AIDS ribbon leads to the information about the event rather than the fire.  The font in the information about the event is changed from the regular font to italic. The more important elements of the text are in the regular font and the less important elements are in italics. The hot drinks and s’mores text line is longer than the rest. I left it that way so that the audience can see it quickly and want to go to the bonfire. In the bottom right corner, there is the slogan and the website for the AIDS non-profit in a faded grey avoiding it from being easily seen as it is less important than the other information.


War Photos

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OR30 Screen Shot 2011-09-30 at 8.08.35 PM res_14548 Screen Shot 2011-10-02 at 2.40.42 PM Screen Shot 2011-10-02 at 2.48.14 PM week40_073 decade_102 decade_13


I’m a photographer and photographs of war have always intrigued me because I didn’t know if I would ever have the gut to put my life at risk. However, these photos, which I’ve been saving for a few years, made me realize that there are so many lives that can be saved through art and allowing others to view the world as it is. We are all so fortunate.

Snow White Poster

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The infamous story of Snow White and the poisonous apple are illustrated in this poster. If you look closely you can see the faces of snow white and her prince visible in the outline of the apple.

Guido Daniele’s Hand Art

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Heart-Hand-226x340 ATT-Carribean-Fish-and-Coral-566x340ATT-Paraguay-Iguana-680x340


I was on StumbleUpon a few years ago and found Guido Daniele’s hand art for advertisements. His use of color and hands is so creative and intelligent. The way he paints the hands is insane. Here’s a video that shows it:


Teresa Sabga Resume

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Sabga Teresa - Resume - FINAL

My design is very simple. I used small blue boxes to show easy communication straightforwardly. I chose to use a sans serif typeface because I thought the sans typefaces looked less professional and more childish. As a magazine major, I will be applying to editorial departments in various publications. I feel keeping it plain with pastel colors and simple typefaces would be best. In the word mark, I used all capital letters and a bold font for my last name in order for that to completely stand out. My first name and middle name is placed over my last name. It compliments the black and makes it stand out more. I used little blue boxes as a design technique to bring more color into my resume. I kept the word mark in the middle because I wanted that to stand out instantly while a person’s eye would be led down the page by the descending text (my address, email, etc). I purposely left out achievements and honors from my resume because I don’t have any yet and if I do I will cover that in my cover letter. I used capital letters for each section so that they can easily be found when looked for. The typeface I most predominantly used in my resume is “Minion,” created by Robert Slimbach. He originally designed the typeface for Adobe Systems. It is also inspired by late Renaissance-era type.


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214484000973811173_h5krEzlx_cI thought that the use of the forks was very intelligent for what the event was.


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16 17

Looking for graphics that used negative space on Pinterest, I stumbled upon these two. I thought it was a really intelligent use of space and integrating similar shapes.

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