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Website Redo

May 8, 2013 |  by  |  Comments Off on Website Redo

Website Redo_0000_Homepage Website Redo_0001_About Website Redo_0002_Donate Website Redo_0003_Adopt Website Redo_0004_Success Stories

Originally my website was extremely outdated and boring. I took professor Harpers comments into consideration and I decided to listen to him and change around the layout of the website. The pictures needed to be more predominant, the logo made the website look childish, and the color scheme made the website look unprofessional. I took all of those ideas and changed them around to create a new and improved version of my original work. I took away the glow and heading bar and moved it more over to the left, and I made the icons of the social media sites smaller so they wouldn’t take over the page and stand out too much.


Tablet Design

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For my tablet design I decided to do an article about Alexandra “Aly” Raisman, Olympic gold medalist. After the entire world not believing that she could make it to the Olympics, she proved everyone wrong and won two medals, one gold and one bronze. I wanted to create a magazine that really embodied her accomplishments by making it extremely clean cut, and patriotic. I chose to make the colors red, white, and blue the main focus to show her devotion and pride that the United States had and felt for her. The title “Gold” came from her overall accomplishments that she achieved during her Olympic games.


This magazine is targeted to reach any audience or demographic. The Olympic games are enjoyable for anyone to watch so I wanted to make sure my tablet design was easy enough to navigate through for even the most beginner of iPad users. With navigational arrows on each page, jump pages and the classic play button on the video, any user with any computer knowledge will be able to understand my design and the content that is on it.


I decided to use the same typeface on the entire web design. However, I decided to play around with bolds and sizes for different parts of each page, but the ITC Serif Gothic std stayed constant throughout the project. I felt that it was so easy to read and clean cut that it would have been distracting to switch up the font.


I found my pictures from google from various photographers and sites; some were from Fanpop, Justjared, and Flickr. I also found my video from YouTube, and extreme sports channel.


Evolution of websites

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I thought it was funny how different the internet has been throughout time!

Ipad Magazine

April 1, 2013 |  by  |  Comments Off on Ipad Magazine

interview-magazine-ipad-app-590ls040710I thought that the graphics in these pictures were very cool, in class we learned about repetition within pictures as well as using colors in a strategic way and I feel like both of these pictures embody the characteristics in which we learned in class.


Jamie Lieberman UI Project

March 27, 2013 |  by  |  Comments Off on Jamie Lieberman UI Project

Jamie Lieberman website FINAL FINAL_0000_HOMEPAGE Jamie Lieberman website FINAL FINAL_0001_ABOUT Jamie Lieberman website FINAL FINAL_0002_DONATE COPY Jamie Lieberman website FINAL FINAL_0003_ADOPT Jamie Lieberman website FINAL FINAL_0004_SUCCESS STORIES


Website Inspiration:




Images sites



Font Used: Myriad Pro

Jamie Lieberman Resume Redo

March 25, 2013 |  by  |  Comments Off on Jamie Lieberman Resume Redo

Lieberman Jamie_ Resume Final Copy


In order to make my resume look more professional I spaced the top part of my resume and created better lines for the viewer to follow. Before, my resume didn’t have concrete lines and spacing so i aligned the bottom of my “j” with the top of my experience along with my last name with the “a” and the “m.” Also, instead of having contact information are at the bottom making my resume almost look squished, I incorporated it all at the top with my name making more space for the information that i wanted to stand out.

Lieberman Poster

February 28, 2013 |  by  |  Comments Off on Lieberman Poster

Lieberman Poster Final

The Ronald McDonald house is a charity organization that provides families with children in hospitals a safe place to stay that is close by. A parent’s worst nightmare is finding out that their children are sick; these houses provide a place, usually on the campus of a hospital, where the family can stay. Because of these houses it allows parents to be at a child in needs bedside almost immediately. If families have a child under that age of 18 and live more than ten miles away from the hospital they are eligible for a room or suite for little to no cost. Most locations ask for a $25 donation per night.

I chose this organization because I have family members who have needed to stay in a Ronald McDonald house. It completely changed the entire experience of what they were going through. Not only was it extremely helpful to be only a few steps away each night, it allowed my family to connect with other families who were unfortunately in the same position. Each house provides communal kitchens, living rooms, recreational rooms and dining rooms for families to connect and support each other.

McDonalds has branded their colors so well that if the colors red, blue and yellow are spotted a mile away, people are able to recognize and associate those colors with the McDonalds label. I wanted to only incorporate those colors in my poster. Even with using those colors I decided to strategically use the red for the most important parts on the poster such as what the organization was for, where it was going to be and when it was going to happen. I was contemplating whether or not to use the yellow for those items considering it is the brightest of them all, but I came to the conclusion that the red would ultimately stand out the most and it is also the most prominent of the McDonald’s color.

I only used one typeface in my entire project, impact. I chose this because it is bold, clean cut, and extremely readable. Because my entire poster is only words creating the shape of a house, which is their main logo, I needed to make sure that it was able to form the house. Being that it is so boxy and clean, I was able to accomplish my goal in creating the house formation.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 3.00.11 PM Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 3.00.33 PM


February 25, 2013 |  by  |  Comments Off on Inspi(red)

I personally have always loved this ad campaign. It is so simple, and yet that is exactly why it speaks out to me. It makes me question and wonder what does red have to do with anything, and it got my brain thinking and wanting to learn more about this specific organization. It also says something to me that this has been around for so long, i remember this campaign from 5th grade, and now I’m a sophomore in college. That’s pretty special to me .inspired_10241

Movie Poster

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Even though I have never been a superhero fan this poster stuck out to me. I like how there are only two things on this poster besides the movie title I can’t stop myself from staring at the tiny details that this poster has. The way the light is hitting the “X” or the sharpness of the claws. Seeing the intensity of all the little parts of this post make me want to see this movie.



February 11, 2013 |  by  |  Comments Off on Simple

I’ve been looking up simple posters that convey a certain image without it saying exactly what it is. I chose this specific poster because even though it has no words, and you cant see this persons face, most people who see this image know exactly what it is and can feel the passion that each of these models have for music, and for dance and the joy that each of those things bring them. Its important as a designer to be simple, and in the fewest images or words possible convey an image that is relatable to the biggest demographic. ipod_commercial