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UI Redo Amanda Al-Sayah

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Al-Sayah Amanda User Interface Al-Sayah Amanda Rationale Redo


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MetallicaCover_Article1 MetallicaCover_Article12

MetallicaMain_Article1 MetallicaMain_Article12MetallicaMain_Article16 MetallicaMain_Article13  MetallicaMain_Article15  MetallicaMain_Article17 MetallicaMain_Article18MetallicaMain_Article14


Amanda Al-Sayah Rationale

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Video into Indesign

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Many people in the class wanted to figure out how to put video in their magazine tablet design and I thought that thise video would be helpful. I thought it would be a long and tedious process but it turned out to be easier than I expected.

AP magazine covers

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I’ve always been a fan of Alternative Press magazine because they have great magazine covers that draw the music fans into what they are interested in. They always have the most recent news and feature the artists that are in the spotlight on the covers. They place the musicians in such a way that conveys their personality whether it be goofy or intense and they sometimes make them take the picture with similar artists. I included some older covers for issues and recent ones to show the progression of how they designed the magazine covers. They use a lot of colorful type and vibrant colors in images to draw attention and it works well. This is the AP website for all the covers

Dan Seagrave artwork

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14088_artist    cover49_lead cover272_lead cover11_lead cover41_lead cover9_lead l-1 19366_289580478635_5844753_n 19366_305685688635_5339810_n 34033_468914908635_7681345_n Dan-Seagrave-1-e1328291450812 DanSeagrave_001   l tumblr_megujxVBpm1qh6d2ro1_1280 images-3 thedevilwearsprada_withrootsaboveandbranchesbelow

Dan Seagrave is famous for designing album covers for many notable Metal, Death Metal, and Black Metal bands. He has done some amazing art and it always interests me as to how he makes his work fit in well with the type of music that the band is plays. His work really complements the sense that the band is trying to portray. Below is a video of lead singer Ryan Clark from the band Demon Hunter who uses Dan Seagrave as their painter. He shows the fans the Deluxe edition of the band’s album “The World Is a Thorn”. I thought it was interesting to see how the lyrics page and posters and everything included in the box are designed. It just shows that graphic design is needed in many areas of different careers.



And this is Dan’s website:

iPad magazines

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This video is helpful because it shows us many different types of well-known magazines on the iPad and it is good inspiration for professional formats we are looking for. I like that the videos were embedded in the magazines and I think it is helpful for those that don’t currently have an iPad to have a sense of what the look of the magazine would be at the end.

Tablet Indesign tutorials

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Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 10.09.06 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 10.09.16 PMI found these two tutorials to be very helpful in designing for the tablet. It is a very different perspective from the website design and the resume and you have to know how to fit in everything on a small page without making it look too crowded. I also found it helpful in the second video that he showed us how to link the video and actually make the website work.

Amanda Al-Sayah Resume Redo

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Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 1.02.28 AM



Al-Sayah Amanda Resume Redo Final

Rational Redo

Amanda Al-Sayah Resume Rational Redo