Storytelling & Your Future

Sometimes the idea of storytelling may seem vague for the direction you are headed in life. Sure, it’s fun to tell stories at parties, but what about incorporating your storytelling skills into your first interview? Or for your first pitch in advertising, marketing, or broadcasting? People love a good story and great characters.

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In this two page research paper, explain why storytelling applies to your major and to your professional life.

  1. Tell me why and how you will use story to support your ideas and to weave story into your own life.
  2. Cite 3 articles that support your ideas.
  3. Provide at least one job posting in which Storytelling is mentioned as a requirement for the position.


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Turn-in Guidelines

  • On the Class server inside the folder labeled “Your Future.”
  • Label this PDF file as follows lastName-First-Storytelling-Future.pdf

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