December 8, 2014  |  Inspiration

As the most stressful time of the semester ensues I would like to look back on the great times of this semester. As a freshman I truly did not expect what was thrown at me. The work load is harder than one can imagine, the time management skills ones needs truly develop, but most importantly the experiences one faces in college are amazing. This is an environment where one is suppose to mess up, screw around, and find themselves. This school supports you in your choices and gives you a sense of home, right when you’re needing it the most.

This week the University Union released the official documentary for Juice Jam 2014. I found myself looking back on that day and remembering how big a day that was for me this semester. Juice Jam just isn’t about the parties and the singers, as a freshman Juice Jam was the point in which I finally felt like a part of this University. That day you get a sense of the type of people go to this school and you realize that you are surrounded by some of the best people you will ever come into contact with.

While watching this video I found so much inspiration in the techniques of the video as well as the event. It makes me so happy that our school holds events like this. In such a large school one can feel lost and alone, but with events like these it brings the entire student body together and creates a family. I will never forget this amazing day in such an unbelievable first semester here at Syracuse University and I am so glad that I will always have this video to go back to and remember why I chose this amazing school.