Jackie Robinson

December 8, 2014  |  Inspiration

I’ve never been a fan of when politics flows over into the sporting world. Sports are supposed to give people a break from the politics of the real world, and the two should be kept separate. With that being said, I love Jackie Robinson. The man was so much more than a baseball player, and even more than just a black baseball player. Robinson was an inspiration and one of the major figures of the Civil Rights Movement. Sports figures are idolized for their elite physical abilities, and they’re put on a pedestal that makes them appear larger than life. For the longest time, this status was reserved to only whites, and blacks, or any minorities for that matter, were banned from even watching sporting events. To have a black man among the ranks of the supernatural did arguably more to kindle the fight for equality than any other single event, and the fact that Robinson was one the best of his day helped. Sometimes, the issues of the outside world are too significant to be ignored by anyone, and Jackie Robinson confronted the issue in front of him head on.