Be awesome.

December 8, 2014  |  Inspiration

Professor Harper has always had a way with saying inspirational things in really awesome ways, so I figured I may as well make one of his quotes a topic of a post. Harper was able to give us one of the biggest takeaways of his class in only four words. “Fuck fear, be awesome.” It’s one of the things that he’s stuffed down our throats more than sequencing or shot variety: to believe in ourselves and go for it. Giving it everything that you’ve got gets results, and Harper has emphasized that the things we do in this class should be both fun and a lot of work or else we aren’t doing them right. I’ve appreciated the way that Harper teaches and carries himself from the first day of class. He makes things extremely educational while at the same time making COM 117 my favorite class of this semester. He’s fun and laid back, but is able to recognize when it’s time to get serious. I’ll miss having him as a professor and will hopefully at least see him around Newhouse.