In The Books

December 7, 2014  |  Inspiration

Last year I took a class called Creative Writing in which I learned how to tell a story, any story I wanted, through the written word. I wrote my own play, several poems, and even a short story. This year, in this class, Multimedia Storytelling, I learned more than I did in a year’s worth of Creative Writing. I was introduced to a “new” medium. Video has never been one of my specialties, as some can attest to, but that only means that I got that much more out of this class.

We began with a mini-project that got our feet wet, but dove right in to our PSAs after. My PSA was a sight. Let’s not revisit it. It suffices to say that I’m proud of it for the perseverance it took me to get through it. I enjoyed my non-fiction and fiction both exponentially more. The non-fiction was a fun one, and our protagonist was more than interesting, but it was this project that made me understand that editing can be fun in addition to a necessity. Te fiction project, thankfully, was the best yet. I enjoyed each and every aspect of it, the filming, the editing, and the final product is something I am extraordinarily proud of.

Finally, I want to throw out some love to the entire class. In all honesty, I disliked COM117 in the beginning. As the semester went on, and as I gradually understood how to use the equipment and FinalCut, it got better, but our screening today made me realize how much I will miss being in class with all of you. Thanks for a fun and worthwhile class! I wish everyone the best going forward.

P.S. Since my favorite project exceeds the maximum size to upload, I guess we will revisit my PSA. Have a good laugh!