I believe that we are at a critical point as a global society. Never before has the need for communication and the ability to fulfill that need been so great. The introduction of the Internet has brought a cross collaboration of traditional mass communication tools. The strengths of video, radio, web, and print are coming together to better convey the common experiences of humanity. There is no greater role than that of an educator to help shape this emerging opportunity.

As a S.I. Newhouse School of Communication faculty member I intend to help facilitate the evolution of the Newhouse School curriculum by developing an environment that will bring students the vital skills for the dynamic communications industry.

My goals are to instill a passion for communication, to create a culture of content, and to pursue research and creative development that will inspire students, lead to personal growth, and bring acknowledgment and credibility to Newhouse School.

I hope to achieve these goals through classroom education, development of workshops and a guest lecture series, research and creative projects, and helping to further the web presence for the Newhouse School. My fundamental goal is to produce a setting that inspires students at every turn and challenge them to be an inspiration to each other on a daily basis.

Basic Multimedia Storytelling | COM117

Working in collaborative teams, students write, design and produce short fiction and non-fiction stories using digital media and the Internet. Emphasis on how story structures change with audience and delivery system.

Introduction to Graphic Design | GRA217

Principles of digital design, composition, computerized layout, typography and imaging applied to advertising, public relations, and publication design for print and web. Introduction to the computer as layout and design tool for visual communications practice. Concurrent lab required.

Motion Graphics and the User Interface | GRA447

Using the latest in motion graphics and interface design technologies, students learn to build rich user experiences. Students will create web user interfaces and multimedia productions using video, still images, audio and type. Additional work required of graduate students.